project from C5 to C4

hi there happy new forum, my friend owns cubase 5 and i want to load a project from his cubase 5 into my cubase 4, i gather i can do it via xml archive ,what i want to know is - is every bit of info contained within the xml ,for example, automation , tlmewarp ,mix, etc. in other words is the info of the xml the same as the cpr. change of subject can i still search the old cubase forum with the search engine i couldn`t find one. thnx

I dont think so , are you talking about MusicXML?

It may be better to try OMF?

Either way I dont think you can get everything across from 5 to 4, too many changes…

thanks split ,we did it via file/export/ selected tracks - and reference and copying files into a new folder this creates a xml from C5.
then in C4 , file/ new project etc, file/import/track archive which promts you to open the xml file,then you get options to import the tracks , the project was set to 93.120 bpm i had to make note of this because it did not appear to store that in the xml ,so after typing in the bpm everything lined up , mix , fxs ,eq and fx channels were all good , midi track was still there but it didnt automaticly load the vst instrument.i was happy enough with what i got .
we then had a go at at doing it via omf you don`t have to start a new project when importing the omf, file/ import omf , the audio was in the correct place but thats it, no fx, no panning , no mix ,no eq no midi tracks .

Ah… Cool

Thats good to know, thanks :slight_smile: