Project from SE version to Elements 5

I downloaded the Trial version of Dorico Elements 5 which features the Engrave mode. I have been working on a project from the previous SE version which, when I loaded said it would upgrade to Elements version. Unfortunately the engrave mode is not there! Is this correct or have I missed something?
Thanks in advance.

Dorico Elements does include Engrave mode, but Dorico SE does not. Go to Steinberg Activation Manager and check that your Dorico SE license has been deactivated, and your Dorico Elements trial license has been activated. Then run Dorico 5 again.

Thanks Daniel I’ll give it a go.

Hi Daniel just an afterthought. When I open a new project in Elements 5 the features are there. It just wasn’t when I opened an old SE project?

This sounds as if you double-clicked on your SE project to start it. If that is so, try opening Elements and opening your SE project from within Elements to gain all those additional editing capabilities.

Thanks Derek tbats done the trick along with deactivating the older vve

Older version. Thanks for your help.

Thanks Daniel thats done the trick. Thanks for your help.