Project from USB flash drive

Hi all.

Lately I have spending lot of time opening project between my laptop and desktop. I bought a 64GB memory stick so I can save my projects on it. But I keep asking myself if it will run properly.
I just want to save time not having to back up all the time and transferring it between computers. sometimes is a pain.

Can I efficiently run project straight from USB flash drive (USB stick)?

Thank you


It depends on the project size, but in general, yes, you can. If you would use USB3, even better. If you are not going to change the Audio files itself (like offline processes), you can also store the Audio files on both computers localy. Then it’s even beter.


It is USB3. With so many project going on between my both computer sometimes it was driving nuts having to backup everything.

So far 64GB is enough for me.

Thank you