Project gets sutck on Building Eucon

Hi I am running Cubase 6.05 on Mac Pro 10.6.8 8 core 2.26ghz and UAD-2 Quad plugins with a Mc Mix and Mc Control with the lastest version of eucon software drivers and firmware.I am having a problem with one of projects. I opened it up this morning to add a part to my project using Trilian plugin and everything was fine.I shutdown my computer and came back to the project this afternoon and tried to open the project and the it gets stuck on “building eucon” window. So I tested another project and Eucon works fine and doesn’t get stuck. I have tried resetting Eucon in the device setup menu and it still gets stuck. I also tried removing both of my Mc Mix and Mc Control from the Eucon software and I still get the same results. Is there any other trouble shooting tips? Thank you!