Project "Getting Started with Note Input in Dorico"

I came across this PDF format printable project from September 11, 2018 in the “News” section of the Dorico blog and noticed that the number of comments was listed as “0” but could find no means to leave a comment like I wanted to do. I appreciate Dorico’s many very helpful videos but think there is also great value in printable projects like this one that allow inexperienced users to have an effective “recipe book” to keep at their side as they learn to use Dorico’s many features effectively. I hope more such projects are planned for the future. Thanks, John Barron!

Thanks, Mike. Not sure why you weren’t able to leave a comment on the blog, but John will be pleased to know you found it helpful.

Hello Mike,

Would you please attach a Link to the article you are referring?

Thank you

Hi Guitarlos,

The article can be found at:

Thank you, Mike