Project groups in Hub

It doesn’t take long before the Recents projects in the Hub gets full of little experiment projects and you might want to consign these to a folder to make way for the “real” recent projects you’re working on.

So you move these experimental projects to a newly created folder in Dorico’s iPad folder but they still appear in the Dorico Hub as Recents

It would be nice - would help organise clutter - if the Hub allowed a user to drag one project on top of another to form a Group, or on top of a Group to move it there whether or not this was reflected in the structure of the Dorico folder On My iPad

Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo have such a solution on their iPad platforms. Whether or not Dorico could emulate this or improve upon it …

My solution has been to use the Files app to move the experimental projects from On My iPad to a directory in Dorico Projects in the iCloud server. But note that these same projects remain in the Hub’s Recents until Dorico for iPad is restarted.

I wouldn’t want Dorico to creep too far into file managent but there’s evidently something quite awkward about Apple’s implementation of the iPadOS file system which makes some application file management and / or user inconvenience necessary.

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Yes, I agree that in the fullness of time some additional features in this area would be helpful.

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