Project Housekeeping- Audio Folder location/recent files list

I would like to reset the location of the audio folder associated with a project. Every once in awhile this crops up and I would like to know how to address it. I searched in the help/manual pages, and in this forum but nothing that addresses this process.

Also, in the Hub and in the recent files menu I have a lot of old projects that have since been archives and removed. For the sake of tidiness I’d like to remove them from the list so I only have active recent projects in the list and no clutter.

Any way to do these items?


Right-click to the item in question in Hub and click to the Remove from list option in the drop-down menu.

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Thank Martin

Any idea on the other - project audio folder?


You can set this folder in the Pool window.

Hi Martin

Thanks for directing me to the Pool. I see the audio folder location listed at the top of the window but I dont see any means to change/update it. I’ve tried clicking, right-clicking, option-clicking, double-clicking. No formula to set that location. Theres nothing in the drop down menu either.

At this point I’m resolved to believe that this folder is set at the beginning of the project and I’m stuck with it.


The only way is to File > Backup Project. So a new project folder has been created.

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Ah, thats a nifty workaround. I’ll give that a shot.

Thanks MArtin


I might be wrong here, but I think, if you simply move the audio files manually, you can have Cubase find the files by simply pointing to the new folder location when asked.

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