Project icons changed to white windows generic icon

Hey guys, recently all my saved project file icons (Cubase symbol) turned into the white windows generic file icon. My projects were still opening up when double clicking the executable file to load my project, but just now all of a sudden they will not open when double clicked. It comes up with a windows box to choose a program to open.

How can I restore this back so the icons are as they should be?

Thanks in advance for any help.

And what happens if you choose the program and tick the “always use this program” box?

Thanks for the reply mate, you meant once the cannot open this file, choose a program to open option in windows? I chose Cubase. It works, but all the file icons now have changed from the original Cubase logo, to a windows file with the Cubase logo on it.

Do you know if there Is there somewhere in control panel where this can be reset?

Google “extMan”

check show hidden items in windows explorer and go to your C:\Users\AppData\username\Local and delete iconcache.db and reboot your machine and it should show the right icon

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