Project Illogical Editor

Ok, it mostly operates logically. But it also operates illogically.

For instance, selections in the Visibility left zone are completely ignored. So if I create PLEs for track visibility for hidden tracks, it does not work properly.

Example, track ‘midi 01’ is hidden. ‘Select none’ is ignored meaning if I have a track highlighted in the left zone it will stay highlighted; and then ‘selecting midi 01’ is completely ignored because ‘midi 01’ is in a hidden state so Cubase doesn’t want to do the work to select it.

This is the illogical part in this instance.

Perhaps you could post a screenshot of your Preset that isn’t working as expected.

I spent the last hour figuring out a workaround solution, and it works now after some mucking about.

Regarding my initial comment, it doesn’t refer to just PLEs. It’s more got to do with commands not taking into account what is already highlighted in the Visibility left zone if that track is hidden from the project window.

A very simple reproduction is that any highlighted track name in the Visibility left zone which is hidden from the project window will always remain highlighted (selected) even when using PLE to ‘deselect’ all tracks – effectively this stuffs up the PLE when you want to exclusively select a particular track.

Hello Steinberg,

Can we have the track selection in the Visibility Zone taken into account when trying to deselect / or exclusively select other tracks using PLE or any suitable command?

@Ben_at_Steinberg do you agree that visibility zone selections should be taken into account when using selection-dependent PLEs and macros? Otherwise, those tracks just remain selected in the background, affecting the action you’re trying to do.