Project Importer: which instruments are supported ? (Or should be)

I’m a bit disappointed by the Project Importer. In the description TXT file it says:

“Importing a Cubasis project into Cubase is quick and easy and it will load all of the in-house instruments and effects from Cubasis as well

I am aware that 3rd party synthys that are used in Cubase via AU are not supported, that’s o.k. for me as I can save such a track as a wave file by freezing.

But the Micrologue and also Classic Machines are not supported, aren’t they ?

First I thought it is because I only use Cubase LE at the moment, so I downloaded the trial Cubase Elements version. It doesn’t work either.

Will that be fixed ? If not, this would deter me from buying a higher Cubase version. Just that Feature, starting on an Ipad and finishing on the desktop computer led me to the Steinberg products.

Hi Glendathu,

Where possible, all available effects and instruments or derivates of it are loaded with Cubase.

Micrologue tracks will load HALion Sonic with a similar sounding preset.
The “Classic Machines” are Cubasis-exclusive.

Hope that helps!


Micrologue tracks will load HALion Sonic with a similar sounding preset.

Sorry but I can’t confirm this.

After trying this before starting this post I gave it a second try today. New empty project, made one micrologue track, played some notes, shared it and imported it in Cubase Elements.

The track is imported, but it is not playing because no instrument is assigned to this track. I have to manually load a track preset !

perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I have installed the Micrologue arp ? Although I have not used an arp preset.