Project Info in Steinberg hub


I have plenty of startup ideas in my project folder it comes to the point that I am unable to tell what is what.
Would be great if there was project info window in the hub so we could get some details about the project without opening it!

After I create an idea project and the idea starts to form, I just rename the folder and .cpr with the detail of what it is. Afterwards, most likely it will get renamed again with the song title.

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+1 to OP’s request and thanks Prock for the interim solution.


I have a bunch sketches that are named after the date of creation, e.g. 1-6-20.cpr.

In Cubase 10 I’d informally kept track of the potential ‘good ones’ by pinning them to the Cubase icon that’s pinned onto my Windows Taskbar (I much prefer using Windows recent files list over Cubase’s since you can pin & delete items on it). Now I’m on the verge unpinning the Cubase 10 icon and realized I’d loose my good list when I did.

Then literally yesterday a solution hit me. In the Media Bay I set the filters to just show Project Files and navigated to the parent Folder of all the sketches. From here I could assign star ratings to the Projects.

A lot of folks aren’t aware that you can open Projects directly from Media Bay, but you can. And that means you have access to all the data fields, and can even add your own custom fields if you want. In the Media section there is a Comment field that could be used for notes.

Not that I’m against having info in the hub, but you can do this now.

raino… A very good workaround. Thanks for this suggestion.

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Excellent solution/workflow raino!

I did find one little glitch in this, but it was easy to correct. When I did what you suggested, for some reason it showed project files and soundfont files (.sf2) and these were showing up from directories other than my Cubase Projects folder, but these other folders were in my Favorites list. So I added the Cubase Projects folder to my favorites and then I could filter on that as well as project files (.cpr) and then I just saw my project files.

Odd that it would think .sf2 files were Cubase Projects. How are you setting up the filter? Attached is how I did it. I don’t have any .sf2 files - if it is just an issue with them. But there are a bunch of .wav and other files which are in the folders but don’t show in my search results.

OK, I see the issue. I was using the mini media bay in the right panel. When I opened the main Media Bay it behaved as yours did.

Thanks for the pic, as always, it’s worth a thousand words.