Project Info… window: how to move between the tabs?

Hello, I would like to know: is there a way to move between the windows (tabs) in the Project Info… window?
On my computer with a german keyboard layout it works by invoking right or left bracket: [ or ] for me this would be ALT+5 or ALT+6.
If I switch to a US keyboard layout an press [ or ] I can not advance between the tabs.
Is there another way to do this?
Thank you for info.

Do you mean the different text input fields for title, composer, etc.? Tab should do it, just like in any other dialog.

yes Daniel, I mean the tabs that jump from flow to flow (not the fields). I have another thread on that, too…

You can do it with the mouse, right?

Daniel, this is all a side-issue to do with this thread: bug with [brackets] - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

yes Daniel, I can. It works with the mouse as expected. Just curious about the official key combination to do it without help of the mouse.
As you can see in the other thread, Dorico is behaving awkward in my setup.

I experimented further with key combinations:

If I have the Project Info… window open, I can advance from one field to the next with TAB. Pressing SHIFT+TAB takes me back to a previous field. I will always stay in that window, in all possible key combinations with TAB.

But if I press ALT+6 (on German Mac keyboard layout) it will take me to the next tab (flow) displaying that information. While I press ALT+6 the right pointing arrow button in the top right corner turns black. The same happens, if I click with the mouse onto that right arrow button.
If I press ALT+5 it will take me back to the previous flow.

Just as information:
ALT+5 normally produces [ on my keyboard.
ALT+6 produces ] on my keyboard.

There must be a key (or key combination) which does the same on a US keyboard!

Progressing through the fields with TAB and SHIFT+TAB: Dropbox - File Deleted

ALT+6 advances through the tabs, ALT+5 takes me backwards:

And this shows my problem with the brackets (as it is the same key combination):

On my laptop, the Project Info window goes from top of screen to below the bottom of screen. So I can’t get to the Close or Enter or OK (or whatever button it’s called – can’t see it!).

Is there a way to make this window smaller and be able to scroll it?

p.s. I managed to temporarily drag the window up and saw “OK”, but it pops back down when I let go of the mouse.

RF, what’s your screen resolution? Seems a bit small.

What happens if you tab through the fields? Does the window move?

The window won’t move if you tab through the fields, I’m afraid. I too would be interested to know what your screen resolution is. Perhaps we can come up with a layout for the dialog that uses less vertical space.