Project info window suggestion

In the project info window I would like to see on the right hand side beside the fields to in fill the information an explanation I mean all the tokens belonging to the empty fields to fill in.

If I have a project with many flows it would be very helpful if I could see the token beside the title I have chosen for the flow so that I can not only see how the appropriate token for this field looks like (as a reminder) but also see immediately which flow it is. E.g {@flow26title@}.

I think this could be helpful.

Thanks for the suggestion, but in the fullness of time we expect to have a context menu that you can use to insert tokens without needing to type their full names.

That sounds good. Will we then see e.g the flow token in the context menu or the name of the flow the user has chosen (what I would prefer)?

Probably you will see the token name, but it’s possible that we could make the menu dynamic enough to show what that token would evaluate to when entered. We’ll think about it.