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How do I make Composer Dates from the Project Info dialogue appear in Write/Engrave modes just below Composer on first page of a composition?

Thank you

I think you’ll need to add the relevant token - Eg {@projectcomposerdates@} - into the relevant text box on the first page of the layout.

I think, logically, the composer token should be there too?

However, in Dorico for iPad you don’t have full editing capabilities in Engrave mode for frames and page templates, so you won’t be able to adjust the frames themselves.

Sorry about that bit! I took a guess…

Within Project Info, if you put the composer’s name and dates in one of the multi-line fields, then cut and paste that text block into the composer field, Dorico should respect the line break on the page.

I believe the relevant text frame on the page is typically tall enough to show a couple of lines of text, though it’ll depend on your font choice and size.

So Lillie
Thank you for your comment.
Are you saying that it not possible to edit System Text in Dorica for iPad … even with a Magic keyboard attached?

I believe Lillie was talking about editing frames in Page Templates on the iPad version.
Dorico for iPad approximates Elements on the desktop, and IIRC Elements does not have the capability to edit Page Templates.

Thanks Leo
Your “hack” worked just fine.
I do find it odd that the many Project Info fields cannot be more readily placed within a score. If Dorico for iPad can’t use them what’s the point in having them?

They can be used in Dorico Pro. For that matter, they can be used in Dorico for iPad but would be manual overrides rather than tweaks to the page templates.

If you open a file created in Dorico Pro on the iPad, these sorts of page template tweaks show up just fine.

I guess the point is that some sort of lines have to be drawn between the different flavours of Dorico. In most cases that seems to be achieved by disabling particular modules within the software (though it may be that the page template editor hasn’t ever been revised in order to work with a solely touch-based interface). The developers have intentionally made it possible for any version of Dorico to be able to open any file produced in any other version of Dorico, never (or never intentionally) deleting content that can’t be displayed/understood/edited by whichever version of the software.

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Thank you Leo. I need to learn about overrides … M