"Project is corrupt!"

Taking C9 for a spin here, everything’s been working fine on day 1. Day 2, I open up the project, no problem to open but I can’t save anymore, getting an error message (see attached image).
So I open up the same project in C8.5, no problem. I can save, and if I re-open the C8.5 project file in C9 it works again…until a certain point when I get the same error message again. I can’t seem to find the culprit either, it doesn’t seem to be be connected with anything in particular that I do.

Including the project files in question. “Trish.cpr” is the V9 file, “Trish-01.cpr” is the same file but re-saved with C8.5

Is anyone else having this problem? I’ll shoot an email to the support as well.
MIX.zip (376 KB)

I had a similar experience but when I opened the sequence it was saying a handful of midi tracks were unable to connect their inputs to a midi port that was no longer there…

I ended up deleting those tracks and adding back manually one at a time. So far it has been a few days and all seems better here.

I suspect there is something in your sequence that C9 thinks is funky for some reason.

Very odd…I can open and re-save or save as both of those cprs in C9 without a problem.

Something’s off alright… Just can’t think of what it could be, nothing strange in the project. Just a bunch of audio tracks, no midi, no instruments. I was thinking it could be something with the tempo track, read about some problems with that in another thread. Cubase also crashes if I try to export the tempo track from this project (the tempo track gets exported correctly though).

Yesterday I had another project corrupted…totally not a good feeling.

I did have a VE PRO machine crash and I saved Cubase after that but that has happened many many times over the course of 8.5 and it is never been an issue.

I don’t recall having any corrupt Cubase projects for about 10 years now…until 9.01. Hope they get this more stable soon.