Project Key

Hey folks, I was wondering how I could assign and change the key of the whole project, and audio/midi files assigned to it. The last program I worked with had ‘C’ as the project keys default, and if a beat I had made was too high or low in key for a singer, I would just change the key of the project, and it altered everything assigned to the global key…same thing if someone was doing a cover and needed it in a different key. Please Help. Thanks :slight_smile:

Might be hidden. Right click on the toolbar and tick the “Project key”(?) box or untick any you don’t need if the key change box has been shunted out of view.
You may also need to go, if the toolbar is not visible to the leftmost button next to “Constrain delay” (looks like boxes in a box) to tick the option for “show toolbar”.
All descriptions approximate as not at Cubase right now and I’m running out of short term memory up top.