Project Layer

I’ve always placed mapped dynamics symbols on the note layer. What is the purpose of putting them on the project layer? Anyone know or understand?

No advantage that I can think of. What prompts the question? Have you read the Score manual in regard to Project/Layout/Note layers?

Yes I have read the manual. I’m curious as to what effect placing a mapped dynamic on the project layer. Obviously - Cubase deliberately allows it, so it begs the question - “What is the benefit of doing so?” Does it merely behave like a normal (not mapped) symbol?

I guess that depends on how you define deliberately.

I think the spirit behind having the ability to place dynamics or other note related elements on the global level (Project Layer) it is to give the user maximum latitude in how they can work with the program.

Probably so, for display purposes.

It’s just that it seems to imply that placing something that has an active use (other than textual representation) on the score loses that active function.