Project lenght issue

Cubase Pro 10.5
When I use option “tempo detection” or the “Time warp” tool , project length set initially at 00:04:00:00 becomes 5 17:05:22:22.
Not easy to work with that.
Never had this issue with 10.0 pro.

Edit : The problem exists even if I do not use the tools mentioned above.
The duration of the project changes as soon as I make a change (new container, new note, record…). Never same length but Always too much…


I can’t reproduce it here.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

Yes I just trying in safe mode. Issue is still here.
issue appairs as soon as a horizontal scroll is triggered for example when I move something on main cubase screen.
At this time, this issue is only on one project (created with cubase 10.5) new projects created seem to works normaly.
Project with issue :
1 mp3 imported (length 3’50")
10 midi tracks created with cubase 10.5

Don’t think this is a 10.5 issue, I have stumbled upon that issue a number of times over the years.
But I have never been able to reproduce it reliably.

@peakae, Good to know that.
I’m an (too) old Steinberg user, since Pro24… first time for me.

To help to find the problem, I created a new project. With the new feature of version 10.5, I imported all the tracks and parameters of the project that has the problem. Everything works normally until I import (by making a past copy - that tracks are not imported with new feature) datas from tempo tracks and measure track. From there, the duration of the project starts to be bad again. Tempo and measure datas look to be good.