Project length problem ?

hi there , i used the tempo detection tool to find the beat of a audio drum track, the length of the project then set its self to 30 0:00:00:00 which is like 30 days or something ,i reset the project length to 10 minutes in project setup ,every thing is fine untill i delete a piece of audio then the project length sets it self back to 30 0:00:00:00 .this keeps happening back and forth . any ideas ,thanks.

Did you save the Project after setting it to 10 minutes?
And how did you delete the audio, delete or undo?

Have you checked there in no event that may have found itself towards the end of the extreme project length you mention?

thanks for your reply .yes i saved the project,i usualy delete audio by highlighting the audio and pressing backspace , and it makes no difference. i later discovered that any kind of editing let alone deleting audio made the project length revert back to 30 0:00:00:00, there is one thing to note ,the drum audio track i used the tempo detection tool on was a very busy track ,however tempo detection had no problem identifying the tempo ,

Trash Prefs, see sig.

cheers split i`ll go check .

hi nate. i couldnt find the prefs folder they werent in the
( XP: c:\Documents & Settings*Your Username*\Application Data\Steinberg*Your Cubase resp). path . i suppose next job is find them .

Make sure to follow the directions for your OS.

hi split , i deleted every thing after 10 minutes into the project to as far as i can go which is bar 222588 of the project :laughing: , so if there was anything there it aint now , it has made no difference.

hi nate, i did ,mine is xp 32 bit with 3 gig boot ini , i do still have cubase 4 installed if that makes any difference.the only folders in the app data folder was panels, presets, project templates, and scripts folders. no preferences folder that is also the same for the cubase 4 app data folder

C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Steinberg\Cubase 6

Move the contents of this directory to the desktop and re-start Cubase.

is there supposed to be a folder called preferences. i followed the path as shown in your sig but there is no prefs folder

Can’t be more explicit. :confused:

yes you could you could say move the contents of Cubase 6 folder. anyway it didn`t work , jesus that was hard work.

the drum track i imported was originaly created on a program called Mixcraft i , i downloaded from somebody , is it possible there could be a time stamp still on there , which is maybe interfering with tempo detection

If you’d have read the link I gave in the first place you wouldn’t have had to even ask. Jesus I’m getting sick of people demanding to be spoon fed. :smiling_imp:

Guaran f u c k intee they’d be more civil face to face. or else. :unamused:

sorry man ,didn`t mean to get snappy ,maybe you should have worded it different , you could see i was barking up the wrong tree 3 posts ago, contents of the cubase 6 folder, makes more sense.