Project length spontaneously resetting

I recently purchased Cubase 10 Pro and I’m having a problem with the project length spontaneously resetting to 12+ hours. I have gone into Project Setup and changed it to the 6 minutes (much more than what I need for the song), clicked OK and everything looks fine until randomly it resets itself. I have also tried saving the project immediately after making the changes in Project Setup - same problem. Just to frame the issue (because I do see that it was a problem in earlier versions of Cubase), I have not added any tracks or events that exceed the 4 minutes.

As it stands, this problem makes the cursor at the bottom of the project window worthless for navigation. Any assistance would be appreciated.


It would be nice, if you could find, when does it happen. You wrote it’s random, but I expect, there must be some trigger.

Is it reproducible? Does it happen many times already to you?

It has happened multiple times and always resets to the same project length. I will see if I can reproduce it but, at the moment, the only thing I am going is editing existing audio parts…I’m not adding effects or other dynamics and I’m not adding additional tracks. I’ll come back to you once I’ve done some experimentation.

Just running into the same issue. And same 12+ hours. As I do AAF exports to PTools I get troubles with a project length longer than 12 hours.
Here it happens always after i created a new audio track.