Project length too long

I ve got a project which is 6 mins 30 seconds long , i open the project setup , setup the project length to 7 mins so i can us the Overview on the project page . after a couple minute max of scrolling and zooming the project resets it’s self to 15 mins every time .

Simple to reproduce ,
set the length in the Project setup
Zoom in out , shake it all about
Scroll and the Overview shrinks to let you know the project has reset to 15 mins

It’s been doing that with me for as long as I can remember. I did post on here about it a while back (unfortunately I cannot find the thread) and was advised it was probably happening because of automation beyond my manually set project length (there was no automation beyond my manually set project length). I think someone from Steinberg posted saying they were looking into it - but I never heard any more. I’ve just learned to live with it - even though the need to constantly reset the length to what I want is a real pain…

Hi chalky
Ahhh , i just checked and you are right , there is no automation , , that’s a bummer , messes with all the zooming stuff especially the Overview .

Any object in the timeline would cause this. Not only automation.

There are no objects past the project length i’ll re-zoom in and check to see if there’s any millisecond cuts somewhere

Zilch @steve

Found it @steve , it was an Automation point , top right of the Picture , tempo track