Project Loading times

Hi all, I was checking my performance meter in Win10 when I’m loading projects cause I wanted to know what’s the bottle neck of loading times… I often load several projects and switching from one to the other feels like an eternity.

But What I saw just puzzles me … There is not spike in CPU, Mem, Disck access… Nothing. Just a ramp up from cpu to the process needed for VST plugs…

So What’s holding load times ??? Any idea ?

I have no answer for you but I can confirm that load times are pretty long. I’m using SSD for audio and OS (separate drives) and it takes quite a while to load songs.

I would concur that load times are long, as are close times, relative to other DAWs. It’s noticeable if you run other software on the same system.

And that’s given that I’m running dense amounts of plugins however mostly on pop songs of 4 minute length limited to no more than about 120 tracks. I can only imagine load times for a huge 90 minute film score.

Time to get a cup of coffee, seriously!