Project Logical Editor - Active/Inactive Tracks

Hey all,

Trying to figure out a way to “make inactive all active tracks without data.”

Basically I need to

  1. Select all active tracks (is this possible?)
  2. Select all current tracks with data/deselect tracks with data
  3. disable

Is this possible? I believe the barrier is the ability to select active tracks?

A “show all active tracks” would be useful as well.

Thanks much for any help!


What do you mean by “active” track, please? Do you mean enabled/disabled tracks?

If yes, then you can set:
Property | Property is set | is Disabled

Sorry yes, enabled tracks!

The hang up I’m finding is to select tracks with no data…is there anyway to do that?



Unfortunately I haven’t found a way.

Hi, what do you want to do with the empty tracks as soon as you have selected them?
I am asking because I think there is a function available to remove all empty tracks at once.


Project > Remove Empty Tracks.

Thanks, Martin. Maybe this helps the OP - this is why I asked :slight_smile:

Thanks for this! It’s more like I just don’t want to see them and not delete…