Project logical editor - Add marker on each beat


For some reasons, I need to add markers on each beat of my project, I was wondering about using the Project Logical Editor for doing this but don’t know how it works at all.

Any thoughts about how to make this happen ?


Hej modraw

You don’t need to use the PLE for this job -
Just make a little Macro like this -

  1. Transport - Nudge Cursor Right
  2. Transport - Insert Marker

Then make a Key Command to this new Macro.

Set your Quantize to 1/4 - (or set the Grid Type to “Beat”) - and then hit the Key Command for the Macro.
Just keep holding down the KC and of you go :wink:


Thanks a lot Bo Clausen,

I didn’t even know about thoses macro!

By the way, I’m not sure I could find the exact Nudge Cursor Right shortcut . I’m using a french version of uendo 5 by the way. Could you take a screenshot of the command in the list please?

I found the little + and - next to the primary time display in the transport pannel but it seems not considering the grid type. It just moves from bar to bar.

Macros are very powerfull - and if you start to combine them with the PLE, then you really got dynamite :wink:

Here’s a screenshot -
Nudge Right.png

  • Bo

That’s what I found. Are you sure you can move from Beat to Beat and not only Bar to Bar whit this “CTRL+ Pad +” shortcut ? Even if I set the grid type to Beat and even Quantification I can only move from Bar to Bar.

Yes surely - but here we are talking about Cubbase 6 / 6.5
And I see that you talk about Nuendo 5 -
I seem to recall that in Cubase 5 this commmand was not working as it should ( it behaved the same way as the “Step Bar” command), so maybe this problem also is in Nuendo 5 -

  • Bo

Oh ok, thanks a lot anyway :slight_smile: Have a nice day !

Ok the last update of nuendo seems solving the problem, thanks again !

Well - here’s a way to workaround this little “buggy” in Nuedo 5 -

First make a PLE like this and save it as a preset named “Nudge Beat”
Nudge Beat.png
Then build a Macro like this -
Insert Marker at Beat.png
So now you just need to add the first Marker, and then play the Macro

Voilá :wink:

  • Bo

Great - then you don’t need my little workaround -

And a nice day to you too

  • Bo