Project Logical Editor Append Date

Is there a list of all things you can do with Naming Tracks functions in the Project Logical Editor. In the example they have in the PLE they have Date as something you append which also works with prepend. No where in the manual does it say that you can type date and it will auto make today’s date.

Also just from experience on the Mac with other apps that do this I tested and confirmed that Cubase uses System Preference Settings Language & Region:Advanced:Date Tab (not in earlier versions prior to Yosemite you didn’t have to click on advanced) and then make the date in any order you want. I changed mine to reverse date and added - instead of / like it defaulted to.

It would be nice to have a list of all the things you could type in here and use with Name. One of the things I am ideally looking for is to Replace the last several charters of a track name so I can automatically update the track with the current date at the end.

Hi Skillet

Pretty sure there’s a key command that will add the date to the end of a track name.

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Yes there is sorry what I want to do though is remove the old date, so I can update it. In the example they have under name, you just type “Date” under the first data field it works only for Append and Prepend and uses the format I listed in the post.

There is no documentation that shows that typing in date adds the date but going through the examples for the PLE shows you can add the date to a name based on your computer settings. There must be more hidden things in there. There are also mistakes in a few of the examples that I have made updates to. I would love to see even more examples from Steinberg documented of what you can do with the PLE.

The strange thing is you can only do this with append and prepend and it has to be “Date” title case not “DATE” or “date”. You would think that replace “Date” would work for at least the same date as today’s but it doesn’t and editing the .xml file is not anything that is readable by me at least to modify.

I really want to be able to remove the first and/or last X number of charters from a track name with the PLE.


I couldn’t be more in agreement with Skillet.

I would love to see more under the hood features the PLE could do.

One that I’m hoping to see is add an ascending number count on the track names of selected tracks!

one can only dream…