Project Logical Editor changes in N12

There are some nice changes to PLE. It’s still not possible to unhide and select a track in one PLE action (to recall a specific instrument within a large orchestral template). You have to setup two separate actions for each track you want to recall. A hidden track doesn’t get selected, so post processing won’t help either. Does anybody have a better idea?

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Could you chain them using a macro? (I phrase it like question for I haven’t tried it myself.)

Yes, but it would create another set of files. If you have a 100 tracks, you would need 200 PLE presets and 100 macros. It’s easier to sequence PLE preset directly in Metagrid (or whatever you use to trigger macros). I hoped the updated PLE would allow transforming and selecting in the same preset.

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Ah, I see what you’re doing… I don’t know of a way. Yet.