Project Logical Editor: delete groups with no source?

Dear Cubase fellow users,

I am currently working on a large project with tons of groups. In order to clean things up, i would like to know if it is possible to automatically delete group tracks that have no source. I tried creating something in the PLEditor, but i’ve been unsuccessful… Does anyone have a clue if this is possible ?


Don’t think that is possible. Looks like group tracks don’t keep a record of their sources, just the tracks routed to them know them as their target.
In PLE there is no property for source.
In audio connections and channel settings also nothing is shown about the groups sources.

Though, if you solo a group you can see wether it has sources, as those will be soloed too…

Hi Lanter,

Yes, i’m afraid you are right, nothing to do automatically. Yes, i do the solo trick, but you can also see in the routing bar how many sources there are. Its just than i’m close to 100 group tracks, so it is kind of long, and painful when working on many different sessions.


Hi, This might be too late, but I recently came up with a method based on Aleksi’s response, basically in project logical editor, set select midi and audio, then solo those tracks, this would automatically solo all your group tracks WITH input signals, save this preset and load it as a pre command, then select group tracks which are muted, delete, it saves a huge amount of time for big template. hope this helps.

Hey there,
Better late than never ! :wink:
I will look into your solution and let you know if it works for me.

Do you do everything using the PLE ? Or do you then manually select the muted group tracks ?