Project Logical Editor help - Hide tracks with parts after bar 3

Hi, wondering if anyone had a suggestion for this.

Currently I use a macro to disable any instrument tracks in my template that I haven’t used on a project. As part of the macro, I use the PLE preset:
Visibility - Hide MIDI tracks with parts.

I would like to start having a chunk of MIDI at bar 1 of my instrument tracks to “reset” the instrument parameters. Unfortunately adding this MIDI region breaks my macro since the track now has a part on it.

Is it possible to modify the “Hide tracks with parts” so that it will only hide tracks with parts that exist AFTER bar 3?

this is what I’ve tried (with and without the parenthesis around “Position”)

Thanks in advance!!

Can you post a screen grab of the PLE Preset you are starting with?

Oh thanks I was just about to ask for a screen shot

I’ve been playing around with similar entries. I think the logic is going to need an OR in the right place (my attempt here is certainly in the wrong place)

The PLE preset that I start with and works fine is what’s pictured in the original post MINUS the “Position” line.

Once I add that, it doesn’t work.

Part of the problem is we can check the position where a Part is located but we can’t determine what may or may not be at that position.

yeah, haven’t been able to reason around it.
The effect I’m trying to achieve is to have Hide 1 and Hide 2 disappear while keeping Keep 1 and Keep 2 Visible.

Do you ever have a case like Track 4 in my pic above?

yes, absolutely.
This would be a more accurate representation:

Your tracks 1,2,3,4 in your above post are the exact various scenarios. In your case, I would want to hide 2,4 and keep 1,3

Oh, thanks for clarifying. For some reason I had the Keep & Hide flipped around in my head - but it’s the same problem either way.

Happy hour is setting in here and no logic problems are permitted after that. Let me ponder this awhile, there might be some different ways to get there.

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You’re a gentleman, thank you!

I’ve spent some more time with this and don’t think it is possible due to what appears a fundamental limitation of the PLE. Looking at a bunch of the example Presets I think this limitation exists - you can use the PLE to examine various attributes in both Tracks and items on Tracks like Parts, Events etc. But if a selection is based on a Track’s attributes then you can only Transform Tracks. And if the selection is based on something on the Track then only those items and not the Track itself can be Transformed.

It’s an interesting problem.

you might be able to do it with a macro and PLE combined… brains a bit too scrambled right now to work on this though

what if you do the opposite

-position cursor at 3
-select instrument tracks w/ data
-select data to right of cursor
-show only tracks with selected events
-and then since that would hide everything else, you’d need a series of unhide commands

but there’s probably other ways to do it than above, something along those lines though.

Not in front of Cubase at the moment, but could you move the second parenthesi opening from the 4th line to the 3rd?

I might give it a try too in some hours.

yeah, this is what I’m running into. Thanks for looking at it. Will keep working.

**This is where I get stuck. I can get a macro to work up till this point. How can I accomplish “show only tracks with selected events”?

Or even better how can I accomplish “Hide tracks with selected events”?

sorry, I think the command I as thinking of was ‘Show Tracks With Selected Events’

'you would need ‘Track Selection Follows Event Selection’ enabled in preference maybe

oh, right. It’s an actual command

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I think I’m getting close. Will try some more tonight

Finally figured this out just in case anyone else is interested.

(the macro assumes that in Cubase Preferences-Edit, “Track Selection Follows Event Selection” is OFF in normal operation)

My “Channel & Track Visibility Configuration 3” is set to show only Instrument Tracks
My “Channel & Track Visibility Configuration 1” is set to show all tracks