Project Logical Editor: how to edit a preset task

I’m working on a tv series and I’m receiving huge aaf projects containing a lot of unused clips (from the different mics on the scene) that the video editor sets to -inf instead of removing from the timeline (in case one of those should be needed during the final mix processing).
It would be a real time saver if I could delete all those clips from the timeline with a click (having a backup project with all the clips for all the needs):

“Delete muted events (MIDI Parts + Audio)” in the Project Logical Editor would be the right one if those clips were muted but they’re set to -inf, so I was wondering if there’s any way to edit that command to make nuendo perform this task.
Any help really appreciated

I always work so that I put the original AAF and all its tracks to a dedicated AAF folder track and mute it. These I will not work with. They are the back up.
Then as I proceed with the project, I pull down those events I need by dragging and duplicating them to my dialog tracks for editing and premixing and at the same time organizing them so that the final mix will be easy to do.

Guess this didn’t help a lot by anyway :wink:

thanks for your reply!
in my case I have lots of channel tracks all filled with little bits of audio: many of them are set to -inf but some are actually used in the project, and they are scattered randomly through the variouos channels: to have a clean timeline and start mixing properly I have to get rid of those -inf clips first, and have to go through all of them to remove them.
A one click command would be a great solution!

If the clips are placed randomly you have to sort them anyway to actually be able to mix properly so yes it’s a shit job but needs doing. No as far as I know there is no way to select based on clip level.
Increase waveform height a lot then it will be easy to see them and just toss them (after creating a disabled copy of course). Still a manual job but faster.