Project Logical Editor – how to NOT hide folder tracks

Hello, I have a project with a mix of midi, audio, fx, group and folder tracks. To make the project easier to navigate and visualize, I have a little PLE command that “hides” tracks that DO NOT contain some letters I added in their track names. It’s a handy little preset that can be toggled on/off. In this case, any track that does not have the letters “new” in the name will be hidden. Here it is:

( container type is / equal / track / / and
name / contains not / “new” / / )

track operation / hide track / toggle

My issue is with folder tracks. It doesn’t seem to apply to these. I tried adding a command that also included folder tracks, but that didn’t seem to work. The idea is that all tracks inside a folder (the folder name has the letters “new”) should not be hidden. So, rather than type in “new” into all relevant track names, I simply place them inside a folder and then ask the folder to remain visible. More efficient, right?

Perhaps I’m doing something wrong. Perhaps Cubase 11 (my current version) does not allow this.

Any ideas? Thanks!


Just add one more condition:

Filter Target
( ( Container Type Is | Equal | Track | Or
Container Type Is | Equal | Folder Track ) | And
Name | Contains not | “new” )

The Folder Track is not a Track in this case. :wink:

Hi Martin! Thanks. But… it’s not working exactly like I want. To save time – that is, without having to type in “new” on every track name – I thought I could simply bring in a number of tracks into a Folder. I would then only have to type “new” in the folder name, not for each track. The PLE would then keep this folder visible with all the included tracks (without having to add to the names).

I alluded to this in my initial text, but I wasn’t clear enough that I tried exactly what you proposed. I just tried again. What does work is when I type in “new” for each track that goes into the folder. But this is not the efficiency I was hoping to get.

Perhaps the next best approach is to find a quick way to add text to specific tracks so the PLE can then work on every track. I was hoping the folder track approach would be a shortcut. Cheers!


I see… So what do you want is to hide all tracks, but the tracks which are in the folder with the “new” in the name. So you have to search, if the track has a parent with the given name. Am I right?

I’m afraid this is not possible.

Do you mean like this?

Workaround would be to create a colour specifically for the “NEW” folder. Then tell Cubase to hide anything that’s a folder which isn’t using that colour.


Thank for the reply, ukdino. Interesting. I’ll do some tests using color. One issue I foresee is that this command won’t work across all my projects as some use different color maps.

Although the gif shows green tracks, the folder track is a different shade of green.
Are you still on Cubase 11? Let me know how it works out.

I took the plunge just a few months ago and I’m now rocking with Cubase 12 (whatever the latest version is). I’ll need to find a spare moment to play with the color approach. Cheers!

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