Project Logical Editor - how to save/update an existing script?

Hi, when I create a script in the Logical Editor, and then update it, it works fine when I “Apply” just after changing. The script name has a * to show it’s been updated, OK. BUT - how do I SAVE this updated script? When I leave the config window, or select a different script and then return to my updated script, it is the old, non-updated version. I tried entering the exact same name, but that does not overwrite also. Any suggestions?

The asterisk means it has been modified, and there are changes ready to be saved, not that it’s been updated.

Is this (below) what you are seeing/doing?

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Hi I have one extra step on Mac - when I do “save changes as preset” it prompts a new name, not to overwrite - I need to scroll and find the existing config for NK Synth in this case, then I can overwrite - so thank you very much, you helped me working it out !

PS: why not a simple “Update” button in the UI of the popup?