Project Logical Editor Iterative Loop

Whilst trying to make an easy way of selecting every odd event on a given track within the cycle region I was planning to have the logical editor doing the work iteratively after a button press.
Given that one can trigger a macro whence the PLE is finished, I thought this should be easy.

The current flow is as follows:
Key Command to PLE
PLE does some things and triggers Macro
Macro does some things and triggers PLE
(I prevent an infinite loop oveflow by limiting the range in the arguments of the PLE to the cycle range; once it moves out of the cycle, the PLE should fail at its transform, thus stopping executing)

The current problem: The PLE action runs twice, yet the macro does not get executed the latter of the times, hence not continuing.

I am running Cubase 7.0.7 64bit on win7 64.
If anyone can shed some light into this issue, that’d be highly appreciated.