Project Logical Editor Macro to Speed Up Workflow for Changing Tempo or Key of Numerous Audio Tracks

Dear Cubase Enthusiasts,
For some context, I switched over from Ableton Live, which makes it very easy to do this function. Posting this to see if anyone has feedback, or maybe Steinberg can make this easier in future updates. Also to help anyone frustrated about this.

The situation: you have a project loaded with numerous audio tracks. You need to change the tempo and/or key of all audio tracks. You MUST be at the correct tempo to start out with so knowing or figuring out the tempo is the first thing to do.

The problem: Cubase does not detect the correct tempo. When enabling Musical Mode all audio events slide around and it messes up your whole project. You have to either open the Pool Window and manually enter original tempo. Or use Set Definition From Tempo.

My Solution: A keyboard macro that executes 6 steps in one. Select all audio tracks, create new track duplicate versions, rename all of them, bounce selection, set definition from tempo, set to musical mode. 2x Project Logical Editor, and 1x Keyboard Macro. You will then be able to freely change project tempo or transpose and rest assured that your original audio is unchanged in the previous track versions.

  1. Logical Editor: Duplicate All Audio Track Versions.
    Creates a duplicate version for all audio tracks in session. Also prompts you to rename. I’m doing this to save the original version in case anything gets messed up.

  2. Logical Editor: Bounce to Musical Mode
    Bounces all audio, and then sets definition from tempo. Make sure you click “enable musical mode for all tracks”. Bouncing all the audio is helpful in case there are edits or anything that could get messed up. Set definition from tempo tells cubase that the project tempo you have is the correct tempo for all the audio.

  3. Macro: Prepare and Convert Audio Tracks To Musical Mode
    This executes both Logical Editor Processes in one keystroke. I’ve assigned mine to Command+M.

So the outcome of all of this is one keyboard shortcut to execute all of these steps on all audio tracks in a project: duplicate track version, rename version, bounce selection, set definition from tempo, and enable musical mode. And then after all that, you can change the tempo and transpose all audio in your project without issues. You can also rest assured that all your unchanged audio files are still at the original tempo in the previous track version.

Let me know what you think.



That’s really clever. Thanks for sharing.

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This is very cool indeed!

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Thanks for the tip, I look forward to trying it out, @lucasm !

What did you mean by what i quoted though? When you put a track in musical mode it shifts the audio?

Yes, there’s a weird glitch where Cubase doesn’t recognize tempo correctly unless you record in a linear fashion. If you loop record anything or drag audio stems into your project and enable musical mode they will move around. It’s really confusing.


Thanks for that info, @lucasm . I guess i member noticed because i don’t drag or loop.