Project Logical Editor Macro

Is it the case that if you specify a macro to run after a project logical editor process, it runs regardless of whether the filter conditions have been met or not? It seems to me to be the case but I want to know if I’m doing something wrong.

What I’m trying to do, just in case anyone is interested or knows how, is set up a process that only splits a selected clip. I’m fed up with the situation where if nothing is selected the Alt+X split cuts EVERYTHING in the project at that point in the timeline. To me that makes no sense. If I wanted everything cut I would selected everything. I keep ending up with splits in clips I don’t want splits in (yes I should be more careful, and I’ve tried, but it still happens).

I’ve been trying to setup a Process that checks an event is selected, checks it’s either midi or audio then adds 0 to it’s position (in order to provide a transform that won’t actually change anything) and then afterwards run the split at cursor as a macro. This splits the midi or audio regardless of whether the event is selected or not.

Any thoughts?

Yes it should run the macro at the end regardless. Basically set up your macro to select things or what ever you are needing to do and then when you run the macro it can do things like invert the selection and delete or whatever it is you are trying to do.

FWIW: I use Edit - Split Range (shift+x) for this with the range tool. I personally love that for most things Cubase defaults to all when nothing is selected. If you use the object selection tool and have events selected it will only split those selected with Edit - Split at cursor or (option/alt+x).