Project Logical Editor - New Mechanic: Pop-Up Window Fields relative to operation


I have a PLE Macro set up to bulk rename multiple selected tracks but only to partially rename tracks by using the ‘Replace Search String’ operation.

Kick Hit 1
Snare Hit 1
Snare Bottom Hit 1

If I wanted to simultaneously change ‘Hit 1’, in the name to, ‘Hit 2’ I can do this.

This is currently how I do it:

Filter Target:
Media Type IS | Equal | Audio
Container Type is | Equal | Track
Property Is | is set | Event is Selected

Action Target
Name | Replace Search String | Parameter 1 | Parameter 2

Parameter 1 is what is to be replaced - ‘Hit 1’, Parameter 2 is the replacement - ‘Hit 2’

I have this set up as a macro hot key to both open up the project logical editor, and then load in this custom PLE preset which presents these two parameter fields.

What I want is, instead of the entire PLE window opening, I just want a basic field box window to pup up when hot key selecting this PLE preset where I can quickly enter Parameter 1, hit keyboard tab to Parameter 2 to enter that, and a selection menu for which operation, "Replace’ ‘Append’ ‘Prepend’ ‘Generate Name’ ‘Replace Search String’


Video of what I am talking about: