Project Logical Editor Not Working MacBookAir M3 Cubase13


I recently got a new Macbook Air M3 (Sonoma). Upgraded to Cubase 13.0.30
Clean install, new preferences.

However, all the PLE factory presets do not work…

Any idea ?



What exactly does it mean, please? Could you pick one of the preset, make a screenshot and describe what happens instead, please?

Hi Martin,
The presets have no effect. If i select “Append -HI…” for instance, nothing happens. The PLE presets have zero effect. I click and apply the preset, not a single one works…

EDIT: Ok, it seems like when i press “Apply Now” this has no effet. But if i open “Setup” and then load a preset and apply in there then it works.

So the “apply now” this has no effet. Shortcut also do not work for the PLE. If i choose for instance the letter “e” to load this “Append -Hi…” preset, it has no effet.

Any clue ?