Project Logical Editor Not Working MacBookAir M3 Cubase13


I recently got a new Macbook Air M3 (Sonoma). Upgraded to Cubase 13.0.30
Clean install, new preferences.

I’m experiencing a persistent issue with the Project Logical Editor (PLE) in Cubase. When I attempt to load a preset through the menu path Project → Project Logical Editor → Apply Preset, none of the presets activate. For example, selecting “Append -HI to selected tracks” results in no changes to the track names.

Conversely, when I navigate via Project → Project Logical Editor → Setup and choose the same “Append -HI to selected tracks” preset, it functions correctly, appending “HI” to the selected track names. However, this success only extends to Factory Presets. The so called Earlier Presets, stored under User Presets, fail to load altogether and leave the editor at its default settings.

Additionally, I am unable to assign keyboard shortcuts. Despite selecting “Append -HI to selected tracks” in the Key Command menu and assigning it to the letter “y”, pressing this key does nothing.

These problems persist even after installing Cubase 12 and attempting to import preferences from my main computer. None of the shortcuts work when trying to load PLE presets. Any insight or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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What exactly does it mean, please? Could you pick one of the preset, make a screenshot and describe what happens instead, please?

[EDIT] UPDATED FIRST POST to keep this as clear as possible.

I’ve been trying to resolve the glitches with the Project Logical Editor (PLE) in Cubase, which I detailed earlier. Unfortunately, the problem persists, significantly hindering my workflow since I rely heavily on the PLE for my projects. I’ve attempted several troubleshooting steps on my own, but to no avail—the situation remains unchanged.

This issue is proving to be a major disruption, making it increasingly challenging to work efficiently in Cubase. Any suggestions or assistance would be greatly appreciated as I navigate this complication.


But you did not reply with the info that was requested.

Dear Steve,
Yes, I did follow up with a second post the next day, but I didn’t receive any response from Martin for three weeks. For clarity, I merged it with the first post yesterday in hopes of getting a reply. The initial post now includes all the detailed steps of my issue, which were missing in my original message.


I’m sorry, I don’t see, what is the result. Do you think the preset has not been triggered at all? Or does it do something different (unexpected)?

Hi Martin,

Here’s my screen recording, which outlines each step, clarifying what works and what doesn’t. I hope it’s clearer this time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Aleksi ,

Thank you for the video. Now it’s perfectly clear.

This is Cubase 13. Did you update from Cubase 12 or any earlier version, please?

Hi Martin,

This is Cubase 13, the latest version, running on the new MacBook Air with Sonoma Version 14.4.1 (23E224). I performed a clean system install followed by a fresh installation of Cubase 13. Once i encountered this issue, i did a clean install of Cubase 12 to see if this issue appeared. Same problem.

I attempted a reinstallation of Cubase 13 after completely removing all preferences and associated files, but the problem persisted.

Additionally, I tried importing my older Cubase 12 preferences from my main computer running Catalina, yet I faced the same issue with the PLE on C12.


Then I’m wondering, where do the earlier presets come from?

No idea. This is how Cubase looked like when i first installed it. I only imported old presets once i encountered this issue. Since i wanted to do a clean start.

And if i trash all associated files and Cubase and do a clean install, nothing changes…
Unless the PLE presets are stored in some hidden place and reinstalling Cubase doesn’t change a thing.

What happens when you try to open the user presets folder using the item shown in the list when the PLE menu is first opened?

This is where it leads.

I trashed the Earlier Presets , relaunched Cubase (which created a new one) and… it works !!! When i trashed the preferences, i didn’t know these files where located elsewhere. Strange, i also used a program that deletes all files related to an app. Seems like these where missed !

Thanks, i am releaved now ! :partying_face:

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Great, glad I could help.

Possibly what happened was a mismatch between the actual files on your disk and the paths in the Cubase User Settings folder.

If you trashed prefs from the Safe Start dialog, note that this deletes or disables only the file Defaults.xml, and there are are filepaths stored in other xml files.

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Yes, something fishy probably happened. But i’m glad this was sorted, and turned out not to be a bug. Thanks again !

Additionally, I was misled by using App Cleaner to remove all files related to Cubase for a clean uninstall. Unfortunately, it missed the specific files that needed to be deleted in the “Documents” folder. I’ll keep this in mind for next time i run into an issue!