Project Logical Editor preset selection/saving momentarily locks up program

This seems sort of unnecessary to me. I get like a 6 second delay when selecting and or naming PLE presets, even if they are empty, so it’s not an issue of what is contained in the preset.

It’s kind of annoying, I use a lot of PLE presets so 6 seconds adds up - a lot.


It works to me here.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode?

Do you have a lots of presets there?

It’s just a delay but like yeah the program locks up. I have a lot of PLE presets and Macros, it seems to increase with the number that I have.

I have about 845 PLE presets.

It now takes 20 seconds to load any individual Project Logical Preset, even if it is empty.


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

Same result. Each preset takes between 12-20 seconds to load.

This time has increased as I’ve created either more PLE Presets, or Macros (which get added to the PLE Macro list)

YUP, this is frustrating. I went on a PLE/Macro creation bender to save time in editing tasks and finding things… and now I have to wait 20 seconds each time I select a preset. :frowning:

So some additional information.

This delay/lockup does not happen if I trigger any PLE using a key command or generic remote trigger.