Project Logical Editor presets missing?

The presets in my Project Logical Editors seem to have disappeared in 8.5. I can find them in the Cubase installation folder but they are not visible in Cubase. I can create and save new presets with no problems though. Is anyone else seeing this in 8.5?


Copy the files manually, please.

The presets are visible in the installation folder (Program Files/Steinberg/Cubase8.5/Presets/Project Logical Editor). The problem is that they don’t appear within Cubase and I’m not sure why that is. Are you seeing the presets?

I see, you mean, in the target (installation) folder, not in the source (installation) folder.

I met this once. The folder was wrong. Creat new user preset and save it. Then find the preset in the Explorer and copy all factory Logical presets to this folder, please.

Aaaah yes, ok this has fixed the problem. Thanks.

or anyone with the same problem, I had to copy them over to User/Appdata/Roaming/Steinberg/Presets/Project Logical Editor.

Hi there. Creating and searching the selfmade preset is a realy good solution.
I have to specify on where to put the Preset folder. In 8.0.35 it was missing after this update.
Folde rshould be in… \Cubase 8_64.