project logical editor problem scrolling

dear cubase friends.,

i have a problem with somehting in the project logic editor.
i built for each instrument section an own folder…which means
i put all my pianos in one folder with the name “piano” and all drums in “drums” and so on.

so in the project logic editor i created to 2 presets for each folder. one is called select_(instr).xml and the to other open(instr).xml.
then i am combining these both presets to one macro, which is one keyshortcut. so this works perfect. so when i hit one of these macros it gonna select the folder and open up the folder which i choosed.
but here is thing…

in my project i have more than 10 folders.
most of the time all the folders are open. which mean you can see a lot of tracks. 100 and more.

so for example when i am working with one of the folder section in the lower zone, letz say the last folder…and i wanna choose a folder, letz say the first folder in the list, it does not jumpt up to the first folder.
it will select and open the folder but it doesn not scroll up itself to so that i can see it.
i have to scroll up manually. which make no sense.

pls find attached the screenshot from both presets.

does anyone know why it does not jump to the track so that i can see it.

i hope u could understand what i mean:-)

thx in advance.



I have an workaround for you (if I understood your request correctly).

Made a new Macro which will contains 2 times “Process Project Logical Editor > Toggle Folder open state” command. This “Process Project Logical Editor > Toggle Folder open state” command is part of Cubase installer. Name your Macro (for example Close-Open Folder).

Then in your Project Logical Editor set Function Select and Macro: Close-Open Folder.

thx martin for you answer and your tip.
but since i am working with metagrid i found another easier solution.
you can built a button and inside of metagrid you start with the 'find track"(ctrl+f)keyshortcut. next keyshortcut is to fill the name(folder).
then you can built another shortcut for hit enter key. as soon as u create and hit the jumps or autoscroll directly to the folder you want.this works perfect.
but thx anyway!
have a great day