Project Logical Editor question - batch job


Is this possible:

Scenario: 1 Audio track with FX insert in arranger. (Can also be a inst track with one fx in insert)

Logical editor should:
-> Render in Place
-> Program change on FX insert (choose next preset in list of … Lets say 100 presets)
-> Render in Place (with next FX preset)
-> select next preset on FX plugin
-> Render in Place

So, if i have one inst/audio track with a FX plugin that has 100 presets, the PLE command will make 100 RiPs-> one Render in Place for each FX preset.

Thanks for your help:)

Edit: on the side-> some kind of process automation option would be nice for the logical editor (like in altiris)


This is not Logical Editor task, but Macro task.


Thanks for the pointing in the right direction, martin:)

I will attempt to create it after my break n tea…

Only thing is… Would my macro be 300 + commands long or is there a repeat x times command…lol
100x rip,
100x Unmute
100x programchange +1 -> is that even possible outside of logical editor? ( X+1 task)?
100x mute new rip track

Unfortunately, there is no any kind of loop in Macros.

Once you make the loop, I would recommend to edit it in the XML editor, which will be much faster then adding the commands one by one.

I just downloaded “WinAutomation”

Going to install cubase on my internet laptop to test it out before maaaaybe installing it on my DAW…

Gonna try this before my cubase takes hours to boot because of a super macro:p (jk, i dunno if it would load longer) but this kind of automation recording and execution might be pretty cool in macros…
-> press record, do whatever you do, press stop. Saved for another time;)

Will report back on this…

Tanks again for your pointers:)

Lol, seems it has troubles recording the cubase window… It sees cubase as a desktop or something… Not a window…

There is something weird wih cubase windows…lol

Anywho… Im not gonna bother with it for now…

On a positive note: the full cubase installation took like 2-3 minutes tops on this ol laptop…lol
I couldnt believe my eyes…

Ok, thats all for now…

Cubase, fix yer windows!:stuck_out_tongue: