Project Logical Editor Question

Is the PLE the work around for any shortcuts NOT AVAILABLE with Key Commands? I’m having the roughest time understanding how to program that thing. So, I want to be sure that I understand what the expected outcome SHOULD BE. :confused:

Yes and no.
It’s not for shortcuts NOT AVAILABLE but for solutions not yet implemented directly on the software as the needs for different uses are different thus you can customise it to your hearts content.

It’s pretty simple as long as you understand basic logic.

Top part, what is to be selected/affected. You use logic tools for filtering things down. What settings depends on what you want to achieve.

Lower part IF PLE is set to transform, this is where you control what it should do.

Bottom part is where you select between transform/select and delete and where you also can get the PLE to trigger another macro as it is completed.

the bottom part is actually the biggest limitation. You cannot transform and select at the same time.
E.g. you can find a track with a specific name and unhide it, but you cannot select it, all in one pass.

No, not in one pass, but in two.

One of PLEs limitations is however that it’s only (unless it has changed recently) only possible to have to PLE scripts in a single macro sequence.