Project Logical Editor script for cleaning up project

is there anyone who already has a clean-up script for deleting all infos inside a current project?
hidden tracks, midi info, automation, project files, track versions, tempo, marker ect?


I just use backup project to clean up

Something like this:

Followed by a macro

  • select all
  • Remove track

no to all :slight_smile:
Maybe I have to be more explicit.
f.e. I have a template whicht is growing on each scene I am currently working on.
So I expand by base-template everytime. I need this template for every following scene.
So it’s necessary to delete all midi data, all track-versions, time-codes, tempo-info, markers…

I like to automate that since it is pretty daunting I I easily just miss a lot of track-versions in a 900+ track environment

What does the PLE preset above leave behind?

the PLE does not apply to my question.
I have no idea why my Q is so hard to understand. I don’t want to backup my project, I don’t want to clean up everything by hand.
NONE of the above answers deleted my events or Trackversions. To be clear I do NOT want to delete my tracks - just all information on them.


Try this one:

(( Container Type is | Equal | Part | And
Media Type is | Equal | MIDI | Or
Media Type is | Equal | Audio | Or )
( Container Type is | Equal | Event | And
Media Type is | Equal | Audio | Or
Media Type is | Equal | Automation )



This would delete all MIDI and Audio Parts and Audio + Automation Events.

Sorry, I wrote it from top of my head, there might be a bug in it.

At this moment, I have no idea, how to handle Track Versions.

Isn’t it better to open the template? What should remain from the previous project?

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First do the dedicated command to delete all inactive Track Versions using the command for that:
Project>Track Versions>Delete Inactive Versions of All Tracks .

This two line PLE should operate on all parts and events.

Container Type = Part OR
Container Type = Event

Function: Delete

The only boolean needed here is the OR in the filter pane.


ah I see - I can enhance the CONTAINER-TYPE and DATA TYPE section to my liking and thus remove things.
Pretty simple after all :smiley:

Thanks for all input - this helped

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can I remove all audio/video data in the pool using Project-LE?

I’ll attach my cleanup-file for everyone whos looking for it. Feel free to share your tweaks on it.
Cleanup Project.xml (6.2 KB)


Unfortunately PLE doesn’t reach the source media files in Pool.