Project Logical Editor script for cleaning up project

is there anyone who already has a clean-up script for deleting all infos inside a current project?
hidden tracks, midi info, automation, project files, track versions, tempo, marker ect?


I just use backup project to clean up

Something like this:

Followed by a macro

  • select all
  • Remove track

no to all :slight_smile:
Maybe I have to be more explicit.
f.e. I have a template whicht is growing on each scene I am currently working on.
So I expand by base-template everytime. I need this template for every following scene.
So it’s necessary to delete all midi data, all track-versions, time-codes, tempo-info, markers…

I like to automate that since it is pretty daunting I I easily just miss a lot of track-versions in a 900+ track environment

What does the PLE preset above leave behind?

the PLE does not apply to my question.
I have no idea why my Q is so hard to understand. I don’t want to backup my project, I don’t want to clean up everything by hand.
NONE of the above answers deleted my events or Trackversions. To be clear I do NOT want to delete my tracks - just all information on them.


Try this one:

(( Container Type is | Equal | Part | And
Media Type is | Equal | MIDI | Or
Media Type is | Equal | Audio | Or )
( Container Type is | Equal | Event | And
Media Type is | Equal | Audio | Or
Media Type is | Equal | Automation )



This would delete all MIDI and Audio Parts and Audio + Automation Events.

Sorry, I wrote it from top of my head, there might be a bug in it.

At this moment, I have no idea, how to handle Track Versions.

Isn’t it better to open the template? What should remain from the previous project?

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First do the dedicated command to delete all inactive Track Versions using the command for that:
Project>Track Versions>Delete Inactive Versions of All Tracks .

This two line PLE should operate on all parts and events.

Container Type = Part OR
Container Type = Event

Function: Delete

The only boolean needed here is the OR in the filter pane.


ah I see - I can enhance the CONTAINER-TYPE and DATA TYPE section to my liking and thus remove things.
Pretty simple after all :smiley:

Thanks for all input - this helped

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can I remove all audio/video data in the pool using Project-LE?

I’ll attach my cleanup-file for everyone whos looking for it. Feel free to share your tweaks on it.
Cleanup Project.xml (6.2 KB)


Unfortunately PLE doesn’t reach the source media files in Pool.


Sorry just an idea… You can trigger post-processes from the Logical Editor now. What about to trigger the Remove Media command?

please include PLE access to delete, move, rename objects in the projects media pool.

f.e. I like to delete everything in the projects media pool using a cleanup-scripts in PLE.
See this thread