Project Logical Editor: Select events ON [X] track?

  • I have a track called “Song 1” with events also called “Song 1”.
  • I have an arrangement track with events called “Song 1”.

Is there a way to tell PLE to select ONLY “Song 1” EVENTS on FOLDER TRACK “Song 1”? It keeps also selecting the event on the arranger track, and that’s bad.



Filter Target
( Container type is | Equal | Audio | And
Media type is | Equal | Audio | And
Name | Equal | Song 1 )

Action Target


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That’s an interesting solution. I’m not sure that would work because the events I needed to be selected were on a folder track and not an audio track. This was a few days ago and I can’t exactly remember what the specific issue was. But, I do know more obvious solutions like trying to specify media type as “folder track” didn’t work.

What did work, though was taking the opposite approach. Instead of telling Cube what I DID want, I told it what I DIDN’T want. It was something along the lines of adding another command with the parameters “Media Type is | NOT EQUAL | Arranger Track”. Maybe it was “Container Type is | NOT EQUAL”. I can’t remember. Something like that.

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