Project Logical Editor (set all EQ to flat)

I see that there is a preset in the Project Logical Editor to disable all EQ in selected tracks. Is there a way I can set all EQ as “Flat” and the Band settings to default frequencies in an entire project? If not can I at least set them as flat in the selected tracks?

Outside of using the PLE I guess I could make the EQ visible in the expanded mixer view and enable Q-Link, but that would still require a bit of clicking.

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If you use automation you can select all EQ automation in the project view and modify all the values at once from the info line. Here’s a simple example, it would need to be modified for the specific use, probably.

Cubase 12: Place this file in Documents\Steinberg\Cubase\User Presets\Project Logical Editor
Earlier versions: Open the User Settings Data Folder for your version and place the file in Presets/Project Logical Editor
Select all EQ automation.xml (4.6 KB)

Thank you. I’ll play around with this. As of now I’m just using the PLE to bypass EQ on selected tracks.

Maybe I’m just overthinking it but the reason I wanted to reset the value to “default” was so that I don’t have all sorts of values all over the place. I know if they’re not enabled there’s nothing to worry about but I just saw my request as more of a cleanup/organizational thing.