Project Logical Editor


If anyone can help me with this it would be the greatest thing ever!!

I don’t know if it is possible but…

I want to make a preset where I can choose to remove a sertain amount of the first letters/number or whatever from every track.

Often I get tracks that are numbered: 0001-Kick, 0002-snare and so on.

I can’t just use my preset for removing spesific letters and numbers because some of the tracks may have relevant information with numbers. Guitar 1, guitar 2 ect. And that would remove thoose as well.

So is it possible to tell the editor to remove lets say the 4 first letters/numbers/signs at the start of every track. And leave the rest alone?

Hope someone knows this and can give me a pointer because I have not found anything searching on the web :neutral_face:


I think you can by first doing a Prepend of somehting you make up.
And if to complicated in one PLE process, you can always make a makro that sequence a number of runs in one key command by you.

Let’s say you make up a string FOO and prepend that to every track of your choice.
Then an action replace search string FOO0 - that is letters FOO followed by a zero, then one FOO1 and so on.
In this way you know the number are at start of name.
Then finally you remove FOO by selecting on names containing FOO.

So a sequence can be
Prepend FOO
replace search string FOO0 with FOO
replace search string FOO1 with FOO
replace search string FOO2 with FOO
replace search string FOO3 with FOO
replace search string FOO4 with FOO

and so on up to FOO9.

all those replace can be done in one run after each other, if not finding one search string it just do next.

and finally
replace search string FOO with nothing. Entering nothing in value 2 just remove text.

If it may be 4 digits, see to that it runs four times at least.

If PLE were extended with some options like “Start with” or similar this would be easier.

Have not tested how many conditions/actions are allowed in one run, but you can sequence