Project Logical Editor


If anyone can help me with this it would be the greatest thing ever!!

I don’t know if it is possible but…

I want to make a preset where I can choose to remove a sertain amount of the first letters/number or whatever from every track.

Often I get tracks that are numbered: 0001-Kick, 0002-snare and so on.

I can’t just use my preset for removing spesific letters and numbers because some of the tracks may have relevant information with numbers. Guitar 1, guitar 2 ect. And that would remove thoose as well.

So is it possible to tell the editor to remove lets say the 4 first letters/numbers/signs at the start of every track. And leave the rest alone?

Hope someone knows this and can give me a pointer because I have not found anything searching on the web :neutral_face:



I was thinking about it, but I cannot see an easy way with Project Logical Script.

They way I can see is to export all Audio tracks as a Track Archive (Export Selected Tracks), then modify the XML file by using any script, and then import it back to Cubase from the modified Track Archive.

Oh, that’s to bad.

It would be so great to have that function in the PLE tho!


The problem is, you cannot set a variable or “any value” in Logical Editor. So you cannot search for "000%i " and replace it by “”. You can replace “000”, so the result would be “1 Kick 1”, “2 Kick 2” instead of “0001 Kick 1” and “0002 Kick 2”. But I expect this is not what you are asking for. You would like to get “Kick 1”, right?

Yes, that was What I was hoping for :slight_smile:

But I can use another app to fix the names before I import them into the project, so there is a workaround :slight_smile:

I would love to be able to do this - I have a lemur control that works with Logical editor to add a prefix to a track - really useful when template building as it saves loads of time. What I can’t do is delete a load of prefixes easily.

The easiest way would be for a function in Logical editor to delete a number of characters from the track name based on parameters - ie first 3, or last 3 etc.

I use bulk rename utility (free) before importing files, I think it’s also important to have files renamed too. Otherwise you will end with audio files not corresponding to track names.