Project Lyrics - Best Method

I am setting up a small system for my kid, and usually don’t put any extra software on my DAW. But she wants to be able to write lyrics on the PC. I was thinking about using the OpenOffice software, but would like to have comments concerning potential glitches, stuttering, ability to turn off features, etc.

Also, any that apply to MS Office would be welcome.



Have you considered just using the Word Pad or Note Pad editors that are included in Windows?
Not sure if you are using Windows but just guessing.
I have MS Office 2007 on my machine and I don’t think I have any problems related to it.


Thanks for the response. Yes it will be either XP or Win 7 (probably 7). I use Notepad and Wordpad
all the time, but even Wordpad has very limited editing capabilities, and you can’t save as a Word Doc.

My guess is that even with MS Word, there is a way to turn off any Autosave, etc. but you never know
about hidden functions, and I just wanted to check. Open Office is much more an unknown, and
I have had very frustrating ASIO based clicks, etc. in the past. They always seem to crop up when you
are on a deadline. My daughter will be taking some classes in Orchestration, does not have a great deal
of system experience, and will probably be using quite a few VSTs, so I want her machine to be glitch free.

This will be my 4th DAW build, but 1st for her. Maybe I will just give the install a shot, with a solid Restore
Point made prior.

Thanks again,