Project Media Folder Location with Templates

Hey all,

I’ve set up an orchestral template, gone ahead and “saved as template”. However, when I load the template from the ‘new project window’ and go to save the song the Pool always puts my media folder in cubase’s default location (that was the pool folder during the template creation). In Cubase 6, when I created a new project I believe the program used to ask me for the folder I wanted to create a new project in, but doesn’t now. [I’ve tried ticking run project setup in the preferences but that doesn’t seem to help]

I’d like the pool and media folders to be located in the same folder I save my new project based on the template.

Thanks so much, i’m sure its just a tiny oversight on my part.


In the project assistant/hub there’s a tick box that says prompt for project location…probably what you want?

YES!!! Thanks.