Project Merge

It might be particularly useful, especially to those working in the EDM genres, to have a Project Merge function in the Cubase PRO version.
A function that can take two projects, do the required track/channel checking and conflict resolve, and then merge them into one new project.

Sounds interesting, but what happens to global stuff like tempo track?

You could chose one project to ‘slave’ to the other. It would be interesting to see what happened, for example, to tracks set to stretch to musical time. In theory you could set the ones you want to adapt to tempo to musical time, and the ones you don’t to absolute.

import project to the working project would work? would be nice

it would be awesome not only nice… some kind of intelligent project merging/importing

I’ve recently been making an Orchestral Template of which many String Patches are loaded into Instrument Channels. I have also been writing some string parts for a song (not using this template) and all I want to be able to do is get this song into my new template. I have been wondering how to merge Projects for ages and your feature request is exactly what I had in mind!

Why can’t this be done already? :slight_smile:

It would definitely be a power feature. Reminds me a bit of Digital Performer’s ‘chunks’ feature in its scope (which would be incredible in Cubase imo).

I can imagine a few cool options like project import start time/bar. And taking a cue from DP, why not multiple projects at once in a zoomed out project view allowing basic placement of the projects in time and above/below each other in the track list… option to nest project in its own folder, separate or merged mixer scenes… !

Definitely overall more support for multiple projects is needed.