Project missing vstsound when loaded on another pc

Hello all, I recently had to take the plunge and build a new pc as my old one was starting to let me down. I’ve installed cubase 12 and all of the content libraries that I installed on my old PC but I’m missing some vital sounds for my most recent project and my new PC can’t find them when I load my project, even though I’ve installed all the same content packs. When using my old PC I can’t figure out what content pack the sounds came in. All the missing samples start with FCO2_EK28. Any help would be appreciated., thank you.

Load up the Steinberg library manager application and make sure they’re actually registered in there. Sometimes the files can exist, but not registered - so you just need to drag them into the library manager again for it to register.

The ‘details’ button lets you see where packs are stored. So if your old PC is still working then you can use the details button to go through each pack and see.

FCO2_EK28 samples appear to be part of Groove Agent Electronic Kits, Kit 28:

The kit is called Trap Kings from the GA Library (Factory Groove Agent library), Example of how it looks in the Steinberg library manager:

You… are an absolute legend. Thank you very much for your time and effort. I shall try this tomorrow :muscle::muscle::muscle: